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Web site includes: Sexy hot babe artwork, hentai art, cool characters, from sexy fetish females to cute bishonen girls and Dragon Ball, Capcom, SNK shonen style fighter charas. Anime and Manga style art with free CG and PhotoShop tutorials teaching how to draw and color manga plus a fun message board. Art by Ben Krefta: UK anime artist, author of book, "The Art of Drawing Manga". With hopes to produce more "how to" manga / anime tutorial books- CG & digital coloring, draw manga with pencil, ink and computer e.t.c. Drawings, pictures, images, digital paintings, sketches, original, fanart, graphic design, web design. A fan of animation, professional comics, video games from JoJos Adventure, to the Guyver, Alita, Akira, DragonBallZ, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in Shell, Cowboy Beebop or Bebop, other mecha, sci-fi, cyber punk themes too. I am even learning Japanese! Comment on the BBS message forum or guest book or commission me for logo designing, anime or manga character art, posters, misc projects, CD or DVD covers. Cant do it for free, but cheap! Have fun!