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Monday, April 1st 2002 - 10:53PM :

City Scene

A possible background piece created for an animation project. The camera will pan downwards from the moon to the street for the introduction to the scene.
This was a great opportunity to work on my perspective and environments, which I don't particularly enjoy compared to character art. It seems most people prefer checking out my character art too as this piece received the lowest amount of hits while it was in my Original Art gallery section. Still, was happy with the result!

Drawn in Pencil


Ben Krefta writes:

web site Date Posted: 14:11:2011 Time Posted: 08:35AM

Mitchell= as long as you don't profit from the use of the image, that's fine, otherwise let me know so we can arrange a licensing fee

The Insane Reader= I started colouring it, but gave up after a few hours due to boredom

Mitchell writes:

email Date Posted: 28:01:2011 Time Posted: 12:22PM

i've has used this street for one of my comic books and it looked great

alie g writes:

email Date Posted: 01:07:2006 Time Posted: 12:19AM

thats the stuff

Hiro writes:

Date Posted: 12:01:2006 Time Posted: 04:08PM

moon is great and yeah looks like London

majestic writes:

email Date Posted: 29:11:2005 Time Posted: 12:08PM

it looks a bit like london with the canary walfs in the background.

The Insane Reader writes:

email web site Date Posted: 08:08:2005 Time Posted: 07:52PM

Will you color it?

The Insane Reader writes:

email web site Date Posted: 16:03:2005 Time Posted: 08:31PM

Wooooo... (wind blows) Nice. Very well done. The buildings are very realistic, might I unnecessarily point out. Cool.

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