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Wednesday, August 4th 2004 - 03:08PM :

Jotaro & Star Platinum (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

It's been ages since I actually did some artwork that was for fun. I've been meaning to create some JoJo fan art for ages, so I'm glad I finally got around to it. There are so many more fan arts I want to work on!

My picture illustrates Jotaro and his stand 'Star Platinum' behind. These were originally two different pictures, but have been overlaid in PhotoShop. The picture perhaps isn't very dynamic, but I was more concerned getting the style right. I have been striving to find the perfect comic art style. I wanted to try a kind of hybrid between my favourite comic artists, Hirohiko Araki (Jojo artist) and Joe Madureria (of the Battle Chasers fame). I was pleased with the result and hope I can continue more works in this style, maybe to one day nail down what I consider 'the ultimate style'!

Drawn in Pencil

I also created a coloured version, although I don't prefer it compared to the pencil one to be honest. I hadn't worked on any digital airbrush rendering since Oct '03. And coupled with the fact, it only took an evening to colour, It didn't turn out too good. For a fairly quick piece of fan art, I suppose it's not too bad. I just need to put more effort in next time.

Pencil & Photoshop 7

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, for those that don't know, is a manga and animated series. After watching the anime I was hooked and wish I knew better Japanese so I could read the Manga, which hasn't been translated into English -at the time of this entry at least. Series 3 of the manga, which the anime is based in is about a guy named Jotaro who has the power to summon a guardian spirit call a 'stand' to help battle enemies. He joins up with a team of allies who are searching for the evil stand user, Dio. To put an end to his world conquest and bad-doings. The fighting in JoJo is very tactical- each user's stands are very unique and sometimes a little weird, but it's these unconventional aspects which make it such a kick-ass series.


Scarecrow writes:

Date Posted: 01:11:2005 Time Posted: 08:03AM

oh my god! sxc biatch is so rite! he totally looks like micheal jackson! (no offence ben)

Evan writes:

email Date Posted: 21:09:2005 Time Posted: 08:00AM

hey man. cool art. i'm a fan ov the jojo series even though my reading and comprehension level of japanese is pretty low. I used to read that shit in the shonen jump comics. by the way, have you noticed the similarity beween the artist's style and the style of Egon Schiele? (Scheile maybe) check it out man. cool stuff.

sxc poo writes:

email Date Posted: 07:09:2005 Time Posted: 03:04PM

dey're spank-a-delic

sxc biatch writes:

email Date Posted: 07:09:2005 Time Posted: 03:01PM

da 1 on da left looks lyk micheal jackson!! ha ha lmao !!

steven writes:

email Date Posted: 29:07:2005 Time Posted: 08:06PM

i really love ur pick its graet jojo looks perfect and his clothes are awesome

Kafu writes:

web site Date Posted: 06:05:2005 Time Posted: 01:03AM

Oh, I LOVE Jojo's Bizzare Adventure! They seriously need to translate the manga.

The Insane Reader writes:

email web site Date Posted: 21:04:2005 Time Posted: 10:50PM

Erm... okay. Not bad... just a little freaky at first glance. And these guys apparently get success by ways other than looks... Aah! Don't kill me! I didn't say that - how could I? I was on the Moon!! With Steve!
(Subconscious: Riiiight. Eddie Izard quotes aren't going to save your neck, stupid.)

eightball writes:

email Date Posted: 30:03:2005 Time Posted: 04:19AM

i like this drawing too but i only like manga drawings in pencil, to me it looks a lot better and more characteristic and i respect that you want to do your own style, im am also looking for one that fits me best and im really using most of your technics of the bodies you draw.but i think for the guy on the right his nose should be slanted a litle more to the left then i understand that NO drawing or picture is perfect. and yet again i love your aauthetic clothing especially that guys jacket.

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