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Thursday, February 10th 2005 - 12:36AM :

First entry in Organi Metal's 'New' Blog, hopefully not the last ^_^

[Entries prior to this are old, relegated artworks]

Haven't posted in the new OM Blog yet for a few reasons-
1. I've been artistically inactive for the past few weeks.
2. Been busy doing life stuff.
3. Not knowing what to write!

I've seen other people's art site based Blogs and they always seem to post several new pics, works in progress and doodles per entry, every few days. I think "wow how do you get the time to do all this? I guess I donít have to do the same, but if anyone has any ideas on what I should include in my Blog posts, feel free to leave a comment I also notice some people like to go into particulars about their day such as; "got up, had breakfast, went out, it was cold". I always felt that kinda stuff was a little boring Obviously, since it's their journal- theyíre welcome to write what they like ^_^ But I'd like to figure out some sort of focus, to stop me going off on one about irrelevant details.

As for Organic Metal, I'm glad to hear the new site design is going down well with visitors. Since there's more pages and sections than the previous design, I can imagine some pages such as this Blog page might get overlooked, but it's there for people that are willing to have a proper look around the site.
Om has been generating a few more hits over the last few weeks. Probably a combination of having a new site design and subtly promoting it on a few art forums in my signature

Speaking of Message Forums, here's where I add some focus to my post...

Iíve never been a regular forum go-er. I generally just pop by one or two from time to time for fun or if thereís something in particular I need to ask others about.

When it comes to art I also like to check out the sort of critique people receive from fellow members. I've noticed youíve got the forums where: everyone will give you short lines of praise no-matter what you post (not so useful), some that give a variety of praise and criticism (probably best) and others than mainly just give hardcore soul destroying (but sometimes very useful) critique!

Anyone can potentially give good advice but more experienced artist's comments are generally more useful and it can be a little frustrating if you find yourself getting heavy critique by a group of youngsters that are at a much lower level with their art, yet if you say "thanks for the comments, but I disagree" you'll be seen as stuck-up, defensive and unable to accept criticism which isn't the case! If I'm ever producing anything other than a quicky pic, I'll always seek critique. Most of which I find useful which causes me to re-work my original design for the better

Recent forums visited include Polykarbon BBS, FredArt Froums and Organic Metal's own of course ^_~

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